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At KA Telecom, we have a deep-rooted sense of tradition and, therefore, we believe in the traditional ways of running a business. To that end, our mission is largely unchanged within the past decade within the telecom industry: to build a first-class telecommunications service company that provides mission-critical business.

It’s that sense of tradition that has allowed our business philosophy to flourish. That is to say, the foundation of our success, as well as our clients’, starts with the values and principles we embrace. That those principles are consistent as much as profits, speak dimensions about our commitment to our clients and their business endeavors.

The principals of our firm are directly involved with all phases of each project and maintain close contact with each client from inception to completion.  The principals utilize the following process:

First KA Telecom works closely with the customer to identify the customer’s needs to implement the most effective solution.  We use our extensive experience to present customer solutions.  This discourse can lead to technical solutions which the customer may not be aware of.


The next process step is defining the scope of work including all of the tasks required, the amount of support required and identifying any critical timelines.  Often the size of the project makes it difficult to assess just what is involved and how long it will take.  Our diverse project management experience enables KA Telecom to break down any project and define the scope and individual tasks and timeline required to implement a solution.  KA Telecom works closely with the customer in the definition of scope and critical timelines.


Finally, a finished solution is implemented in the most efficient manner with a multi-team targeted approach for a project finish on time and within budget.  KA Telecom recognizes that the rapidly changing network technology requires fast paced solutions.  During the process implementation stage, KA Telecom keeps the customer informed of the progress and interfaces with vendors as required.  KA Telecom prides itself in communication, attention to detail and problem solving skills.

KA Telecom understands the telecom industry’s fast paced evolving technologies, critical timelines, budget requirements and importance of not impacting their customer service.  KA Telecoms’ depth of facility migration services and attention to detail provides the customer with a streamlined and thorough process which results in substantial cost and time savings for the customer.

At KA Telecom, every member of our staff knows that they play an important role in our success and in the success of each project. Everyone, from engineers to technical assistants to office staff, has a personal investment in their work. The end result of this philosophy is work of expected high quality delivered in a skillful manner. When you partner with KA Telecom you know you’re working with a truly professional, successful telecommunication service provider.


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