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Project Management
Telcordia® Granite Inventory Services
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On Site Physical Audits for Hardware and Network Interconnectivity
On Site Telcordia® Granite Inventory Training

Project Management

KA Telecom has resources to project manage outside vendors and also internal projects.  KA Telecom understands the timelines required to complete projects and the customer requirements to maintain project schedules and budgets.  KA Telecom works well with the customer and external vendors.  KA Telecom prides itself on communication and accessibility.

Telcordia® Granite Inventory Services

KA Telecom has over a decade of experience in working with the Telcordia® Granite platform formerly known as Xng.  We take pride in our accuracy and our efficiency and extensive network configuration knowledge base.  KA Telecom has developed proprietary tools and processes to ensure accuracy in the database.  We support the following services in this area.

    • Equipment Model Development
      • Generate Database Equipment Models for new technology implementations
    • Data entry capabilities
      • Generate scripts for bulk loading sites, containers, shelves, ports, cables, sites, paths, UDAs, etc.
      • Manual entry services for times when data needs to be updated daily or weekly
    • Work Flow
    • Commitment to ensuring database accuracy
      • Wireless telecommunications experience
      • Follow through with the customer for discrepancies

KA Telecom utilizes proprietary software utilities and processes to audit information inserted into the database to ensure accuracy and completeness of the data.

Network Migration Planning

KA Telecom has supported national wireless carrier’s switch, equipment and cell site migrations.  KA TELECOM offers migration planning for facility growth and consolidation projects including

      • Switch Cut-overs
      • Equipment Migrations and consolidations, Alcatel-Lucent, Tellabs, Cisco, Nortel, Microwave –  DACS, routers, etc.
      • Technology integration
      • Cell Site Integrations

On Site Physical Audits for Hardware and Network Interconnectivity

Audits and data collection services are performed to provide an end-to-end network port connectivity and identify spare network capacity for growth or financial savings.  KA Telecom has identified numerous facilities being billed for which are not networked.  Our audit process emphasizes the following.

  • Quality and accuracy are critical in audits.  Our team’s network experience streamlines the audit process targeting the information required for that particular project.
  • Efficiency is also critical in audits.  Audits need to be completed on time prior to the data becoming obsolete.
  • Planned re-configurations are easily incorporated into data audits.
  • Data is collected in the same format as represented in the corporate database.
  • KA telecom has the expertise to manually load the data efficiently into the customers Granite database platform or create scripts to bulk load the data into the database prior to the data becoming obsolete. The customer chooses.

On Site Telcordia® Granite Inventory Training

KA Telecom offers on site Telcordia® Inventory Training for those customers who prefer to maintain the database but need additional support to maintain the database effectively and efficiently.  Our network specialists work with the customer on process and implementation.


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